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Welcome to CBC Basketball 


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It is the mission of CBC to create and foster an environment, which provides opportunities for all student-athletes to enrich their basketball experience through participation on athletic teams that are competitive at the local and national level. In concert with the mission and values of CBC, the organization is dedicated to providing opportunities, which will enhance the intellectual, physical, social, moral and cultural development of our players, while conducting all activities with honesty and integrity in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players who are serious about getting better in the game of basketball with position specific development are encouraged to join. The CBC coaching staff focuses on team and individual techniques and concepts to improve each player’s basketball IQ and skill level. In each work out we stress attention to detail and proper fundamentals in everything we do.

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In pursuit of its mission, CBC strives to:

  • Conduct all activities with the health, education, and welfare of all players as the highest priority.

  • Conduct a program that is an integral part of the community, with the players, alumni, staff and parents as active participants.

  • Conduct a program that prepares players for the expectations that they will experience once they move on to the next level, whether it is High School or College.

  • Provide staff, resources and facilities to support teams that are competitive in their local areas of Southern California and on a national level.

  • Provide a viable player development program which will guide and assist players in defining and developing their athletic and academic potential, by creating an environment through practices, workouts, meetings, team functions and games that simulates a High School and/or College environment.

  • Conduct a program that plays at the highest level of competition to challenge the players to strive for their very best.

  • Establish and adhere to standards of conduct for staff, parents and players that are consistent with the development of strong moral character, responsible behavior, and mutual respect for all parties in our organization.


In order to realize our goals, the organization needs the parents and players to have a strong commitment to our vision. The Coaches are very committed to every player in our program and we want to everyone succeed.


​An elite coaching staff.


Beginner and advance skill levels for all ages (3yrs to High School)​


Weekday & Weekend practices at a Top Facility. ​


Opportunity to compete in year-round basketball program.

  • CBC participates in leagues, local and travel tournaments​


CBC also offers:

  • Skills Clinics

  • Shooting Clinics

  • Private Training

  • Summer Camps

  • Elite 20/20 Camps



Our Minors division is a unique, non-competitive youth development program that uses basketball as a foundation, for boys and girls ages 3 to 6.

Children in our Minor  Division will have the chance to progress into our Minor Division as they learn and execute the understanding of the skills taught in the beginning classes. We provide a safe learning environment while using fun, action-packed games that teach and incorporate fundamental basketball skills such as:


  • Passing

  • Dribbling and ball-handling

  • Jump stops

  • Triple threat position and pivoting

  • Defensive stance

  • Conditioning

Program Includes: (4) practices per month for 60 minutes 

$100 Per Month

Boys & Girls

AGES: 3-6





Our Rookies division is a unique, non-competitive youth development program. Emphasis is placed on individual ball handling, shooting and concepts of the game. Practice consists of fun, skill building drills, and concludes with a controlled scrimmage. The goals are to accelerate basketball development, prepare kids for league play, create general fitness and to teach that sports are joyful and fun.


  • Passing

  • Dribbling and ball-handling

  • Jump stops

  • Triple threat position and pivoting

  • Jab steps

  • Defensive stance

  • Proper shooting form

  • Conditioning

Program Includes: (4) practices per month for 90 minutes 

$125 Per Month

Boys & Girls

AGES: 7-12





Our club program provides everyone in our program the highest quality basketball training programs and club team experience, through our state-of-the-art facilities, professional coaches and organized infrastructure. We hope to inspire and empower our student athletes to excel and be leaders both on and off the basketball court. Tuesday’s practice is designed for individual skill development and Thursday’s practice is designed for team concepts. Both practices will integrate controlled scrimmages.



  • Develop individual skills to be prepared to play at the next level.

  • Teach team and individual concepts to enhance understanding of the game.

  • Create team chemistry to be able to play as a unit.

  • Play hard, play smart and play together.

  • Build each player's confidence to the highest level possible.

Program Includes: (8) practices per month for 90 minutes

Boys & Girls




$165 Per Month