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  • How do I register for CBC Basketball?
    You need to submit the CBC Registration form online. Once, we receive submission you will be added to our automated scheduling system. This will allow you to receive weekly practice schedules and CBC newsletters.
  • When are CBC fees due?
    Monthly fees are due by the 10th of each month or by the 2nd practice of the month. You child will not be allowed to practice if the fees are not paid by the 2nd practice.
  • How can we pay CBC fees?
    You have the following options: Pay through our website using the store. Pay through our registration/Membership page. CBC fees are payable by check. All checks made out to "CBC Basketball". CBC fees are payable by Venmo - (818) 671-7654 or calibasketballclub
  • CBC fees/practice breakdown
    $165 - (2) 90 minute practices per week (8 practices per month or 12 hours of practice per month) Breakdown: $13.75 per hour/ $20.62 per day $125 - (1) 90 minute practice per week (4 pracitces per month or 5 hours of practice per month) $100 - (1) - 60 minute practice per week (4 practice per month or 4 hours pf practice per month)
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