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Frequently asked questions

How do I verify the XTZDelegate Ethereum and Tezos addresses ?

XTZDelegates Tezos address is published and tracked by multiple blockchain explorers such as TZscan. You can verify our Tezos address by ensuring that the one published on this site is the same as the one published on a blockexplorer. Within a Tezos wallet such as Galleon, you can use our verified Tezos address and the following signature to verify our Ethereum address.


Instructions: 1/ Paste our Ethereum address in to the message section of the verify tab. 2/ Paste the above signature into the singature section. 3/ Paste our Tezos address into the signer address. 4/ Click Verify If you recieve a message that the "signature is confirmed" then you have verified our Ethereum address.

How do I include my Tezos address in an Ethereum transaction ?

It is actually easy. A brief Explanation: 1/ Go to an Ethereum wallet such as My Ethereum Wallet (MEW). 2/ Select the send option. 3/ Input our Ethereum address, the asset and amount you are sending. 4/ Select the advanced option 5/ Go to a String to HEX conversion utility such as onlinestring tools. 6/ Paste your Tezos address into the string section and click convert. 7/ Copy the Hexadecimal output. 8/ Paste the hexadecimal output into the "add data"field within (MEW) 9/ Click send. Some Screen shots to help explain it: My Ethereum Wallet (MEW), adding data to your Eth or ERC transactions. Converting String to Hexadecimal

How do I delegate my Tezos to XTZDelegate ?

Simply paste our Tezos address into the delegation section of your favourite wallet

Why should we register before transacting ?

In case we need to contact you to resolve any issues

Why should I verify XTZDelegates Ethereum and Tezos addresses ?

To ensure that our addresses have not been changed by a Man in The middle Attack, and you are sending your Eth or USDC to our address.

Why do I need to include my Tezos address in the Ethereum transaction ?

By including your Tezos address in the Eth or USDC transaction that you send to us, both XTZDelegate and you can be sure that your address has not been modified by a Man in the Middle attack